Computer Data Backup in Cambridge

A backup is a copy of a set of data (documents, photos, email, music, video etc) which is used to restore the original data after a data loss event has happened. These are used for two purposes. Firstly, following a disaster, to restore the data to a particular state. Secondly, to restore files or folders after an accidental deletion or corruption.

Even with the reliability of modern storage, you cannot rely on a single copy of anything important. Data backups are simple to do, and essential in order to ensure that you don’t lose anything. This will ensure that your data is secure if a disaster should ever occur.

How important is your computer data? Could you manage without your accounts files, customer list, digital photos, computer documents or other data? Data recovery can be quite expensive and data recovery is not always guaranteed, so it’s better to ensure you have a good backup regime now before disaster strikes.

We offer several options for backing up your important data. From hard drive and DVD through to online cloud backup to remote servers such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

Why Data Backup is important

The purpose of a computer data backup is to create a copy of your data so that it can be recovered in the event of your computer or laptop failing or being subject to malware such as ransomware that will encrypt you data and will only be recoverable if you pay the creator. Also, your data can be lost as a result or software or hardware failure, accidental deletion, or other malware or virus attack.

Backup copies of your data all it to restored from an earlier point in time. Storing the backup copy of your data on a separate medium is essential to protect it. The separate medium can be something like an external hard drive, USB memory stick, or cloud storage such as Dropbox, Onedrive and Google Drive.

Backups of your data should be made on a regular basis. The more time that passes between backup copies, then the more potential for loss of your data when your recover from a backup. You should make multiple copies of your data to ensure the best chance of getting back up and running should data loss occur.

Backups keep your important data secure and safe from data loss. Most backup software will allow you to encrypt the contents for added security. A good data backup software package will enable you to quickly and easily recover your data should disaster strike. Backups also gives you peace of mind, so that you don’t have to worry about the many factors that can lead to data loss.


The smallest incident can be enough to lose all of your important data, files and folders. It’s important to follow a good backup regime and maintain at least one full copy of your data on a different storage device or cloud storage. A good backup utility will assist with automating the backup process for added peace of mind. Or alternately you can manually copy over your data as long as you remember to do it regularly.

If you would like assistance or guidance with backing up all of your important data, please feel free get in touch.

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