Computer Repairs and Troubleshooting in Cambridge

We have extensive experience with all manner of computer, laptop and network repairs and troubleshooting computers. With over 25 years of real-world experience, you can be assured that we really know what we’re doing.

We’ve worked as computer experts for both private and commercial clients all around Cambridge and it’s surrounding villages and areas.

Our computer repair workshop has everything we need to rid your equipment of it’s problems and have it running at it’s best in a short amount of time.

Computer services

    • Data recovery & data backup – we can provide you with a decent backup system, either to an external hard disk drive or to a cloud storage provider. Ideally to both, to ensure that any physical or human issues don’t impact on your important data. And if the worst does occur we can assist with recovering your data for you.
    • Computer configuration – such as setting up a new computer or laptop, and transferring data such as photos, music, documents, emails, etc. Also, configuring email accounts and software installation.
    • Email setup & troubleshooting – we’ve been fixing email issues since 2003 so have experienced and resolved many email related issues over the years.
    • Internet connectivity – can’t get your email or onto the web? Could it your Internet Service Provider, router, network, wired or wireless, or a problem with your laptop? We can help!
    • Laptop & PC repairs – we’ve seen all sorts of different kinds of laptop and desktop computer, and we can help with yours too!
    • Provision, installation & setup of new systems – setting up of a new PC or laptop. This includes installing printers and scanners as well as transferring data, installing software and configuring email.
    • Virus removal & prevention – though not so popular now, viruses and malware do still exist.
    • Wireless setup & troubleshooting – can’t get a signal upstairs, we can help!
    • Computer, PC and laptop upgradescomputer or laptop running slow or locking up?
    • Connection issues – if you’re stuck with connection issues, we can help get you back up and running again.
    • Boot Up issues – computer running slow? We can help, bring it to us and we can determine what’s causing your machine to act up and offer a solution so you can get back to work.
    • Component upgrades and replacements – any peripheral issues, let us know

Computer troubleshooting is the process of diagnosing and solving computer errors or technical problems.

Maintenance Services

– Assess your laptop or computer’s hardware to weed out any failing components

– Remove unwanted files and programs that may be slowing your machine down

– Check for updates to Windows and your software packages

– Complete scan of your system for malware and viruses

– Check your computer security system to ensure that it’s working at it ‘s best

– Provide any hardware upgrade recommendations

– Clean both the interior and exterior of your computer or laptop

We can fully check over your computer and provide recommendations to ensure it’s efficiency and reliability. This can include hardware upgrades such as solid state drives (SSDs). SSDs are much much faster than their mechanical equivalent as well as having the advantage of being silent, more power efficient and immune to knocks which is especially beneficial in laptops which tend to suffer more abuse than desktop computers. Also, cleaning a laptop or desktop computers interior of dust and grime will improve it’s longevity as well as make it run quieter.

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