Cambridge PC Support Testimonials

A few comments from our customers who have used our computer services

I was delighted with the service from Cambridge PC Support; who not only arrived at my house 1 hour after my ’emergency’ but stayed on until late in the evening until the problem was rectified and PC back in working order. Not only was the response and solution great; Cambridge PC Support also advised me on the preventative measures to be taken and introduced in order to prevent future problems occurring via teenage downloading!

Aislinn, Chesterton, Cambridge

Kevin has helped me in a number of occasions, each time with a different sort of problem; i.e. connecting broadband, RAM upgrade, possible security intrusion, and collapsed hard drive. He gives clear hourly quote which is sufficient to cover the jobs to get done, or the work finished over a weekend and we are back to the business on Monday. I feel better when my PCs have been inspected and “cleaned” by this competent young man. One thing – he is not a sort who wastes your time with smooth talk and chatting

Mariko, Kingston, Cambridge

When my hard drive crashed, Cambridge PC Support was very responsive, very helpful and did a great job in diagnosing the problem and saving my important files. I recommend their services highly

G. Dudnyk, Cambridge

A great service at a good price, professional and efficient

Wagner-UK Ltd, Sawston, Cambridge

Kevin responded really quickly when I had computer problems. I’m really pleased I found him and would certainly recommend him to others

Kate, Stapleford, Cambridge

I would highly recommend Cambridge PC Support, over the past years they have become a valuable asset to my company, I would not use anybody else

Gary Emms, Gemms Ltd, Ely

We called in Cambridge PC support when the main computer was attacked by a virus which anti-virus software had failed to exclude. This was our first use of Cambridge PC Support, and arose because our previous computer support arrangements had fallen through. Kevin Price was prompt, efficient and knowledgeable. He not only cleared the problem, he also introduced better and more cost-effective anti-virus protection while at the same time substantially improving computer operating efficiency. We have since recommended Cambridge PC Support to another user, who tells us they are also very satisfied

Chris McDouall

I’m only too pleased to recommend the services of Cambridge PC Support, who I have used for some while. Their response has always been quick and courteous, they normally locate any problem quickly and normally deal with it within their first call. I have no doubt that I will continue to use them in the future for repairs as well as any training required

Tony Holden, Bar Hill

Both as a private user and a small business owner, I have found Cambridge PC support to be friendly, helpful, responsive and good value. It’s very welcome to find a reliable local firm who can deal with Windows, linux and unix systems

S.Leefe, Chesterton, Cambridge

Being new to computers I was getting into all kinds of a mess which very often left me unable to use it, so on no less than three occasions I decided to call out what was listed as “expert help” which in each case left me worse than before I contacted them. Just as I was about to give up and dispose of my computer I thought I would have one last try, so I contacted Cambridge PC Support. The result has been a first class job, an extremely good back up service and whenever I need a home visit (as I still do) I know I will not have to wait more than 2-3 days. Thanks for a wonderful and reliable service

Pat, Bassingbourn

I was very pleased with Kevin’s prompt response and impressed with his knowledge and capability. His pricing was very reasonable and fair

Jon B, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge

They were able to quickly diagnose the source of the problems with my PC. They performed in an inexpensive upgrade breathing new life into an old machine. I highly recommend their fast and efficient service to all home and small business PC users. A delighted home PC user

Mike M, Abington, Cambridge

Cambridge PC have always provided a reliable speedy service – no matter how small the problem

F.McGlashan, Impact Exhibitions, Cambridge

My computer is performing well and has been transformed from one which was previously just about ready for scrapping to a fully functional one which is now as quick or quicker than it was when new

Peter, Cambridge

Because Cambridge PC Support were relatively local, they were able to attend with minimal delay. I found them knowledgeable and competent and would be more than happy to use them again should the need arise. Thanks for the good service

Steve Thomason

I would heartily recommend the services of Cambridge PC Support. Kevin can be relied upon to give professional a speedy service, whether its sorting out a minor glitch with PC or laptop or indeed building a website

Andrew, Cambridge

Kevin has been extremely helpful in sorting out our PC and laptop problems. He is like a conjurer who makes a few swift passes over the keyboard and all is put right

Peter Fisher, Histon, Cambridge

Kevin always very friendly and helpful. Always deals with any problem, we may have in a very professional manner. We now feel happy that we have someone trustworthy to look after our computers for our company.

Sheila, Plaspertex, Soham, Ely

If the criteria for excellence in business is quality, delivery and price, then Cambridge PC Support scores highly. Quality means a good understanding of the subject and effective solutions to problems; delivery translates into speedy responses and good customer services; and price simply means value for money

M.F.S.B., Cambridge

Kevin is excellent at fixing computers which suddenly start doing things they should not. He has got me out of a fix more than once

Shirley, Girton, Cambridge

Fast, friendly service. Kevin solved an awkward computer problem that had me scratching my head. Many thanks

Steve, Cambridge

For several years Kevin has been a great support, both with installing new hardware and software, and sorting things out when they go wrong. We always get a very quick response, and so far have never presented him with anything he can’t fix!

Bob P, Cambridge

This is just to thank you for replacing the hard drive in in our desktop. The new solid state drive is working beautifully and is so much more rapid than the old one. And you did what was needed very rapidly – so well done.

J. Keith, Newmarket

Very prompt service which went well beyond what was asked and addressed what was needed at a reasonable price

Dr M Ha, Fulbourn, Cambridge

I have used Kevin’s computer services on several occasions and not only does he offer a fast and efficient service, most importantly, my computer continues to work after he’s gone! He is highly skilled, he knows what he’s doing, and I would definitely recommend him

L.Muncaster, Newmarket

Excellent, helpful service. Kevin consistently over delivers

B.McCarthy, Shelford, Cambridge

It is essential for a ‘luddite’ to have professional back up and Cambridge PC Support fits the bill perfectly

Roland, Melbourn

On those dreadful days when your computer throws a wobbly and suddenly decides not to work at all, Kevin is a positive knight in shining jeans. He comes quickly and leaves, with the job done, shortly after. Perfect! Particularly useful for the computer illiterate such as myself. Bless you, Kevin!

Lynette, Cambridge

Am a very new recruit to this daunting art of computing, and I frequently get mighty frustrated!!!!! A quick call and a few calming words from Cambridge PC Support are so reassuring. They are most helpful and supportive and I wholeheartedly recommend them

R.J.Torrens, Milton, Cambridge

Excellent service

Robert, Cambridge

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