Computer Data Recovery in Cambridge

How important is your computer data to you? Could you manage without your accounts files, email, customer list, documents, digital photos or other data?

Even with the best backup routine in place, computer data can easily be lost due to systems failure, disaster (such as fire or flood) and the most common reason – human error.

We have the skills and tools to recover data from computer systems that has been accidentally deleted. Even if the drive has been formatted or re-partitioned, there’s a good chance that we retrieve your computer data. We also have highly skilled partners available for recovery of data from PC’s that have been physically damaged, in a flood or fire for example.

  • Desktop Data Recovery
  • Laptop Data Recovery
  • Computer Data Recovery
  • Server & RAID Recovery
  • Removable Media Data Recovery, ie SD & SDHC Cards, USB Memory Drives
  • Data Recovery from Solid State Drives & Solid State Disks
  • Data Recovery from Hard Disk Drives

Need help now?

If you have lost your data, don’t panic, there’s a very good chance that we’ll be able to recover your computer data, files and folders. Also, turn your computer off straight away. The more that a computer is used, the less chance there is of successfully recovering your data. So it’s important to not attempt to recover the data yourself as this can make things a lot worse.

What is computer data recovery?

Data recovery is a process of salvaging inaccessible, corrupted, damaged or formatted data from a storage device such as hard drive, solid state drive, memory stick or tape. This occurs when the data that is held on them cannot be accessed in the normal way. Typically, the data is restored from a backup copy that is held in a different location. Obviously, the more recent the backup, the more completely the data can be successfully recovered. Cloud backup preserves a backup copy in a secondary, offsite storage location which is usually charged based on storage volume.

Types of hard drive damage

– Physical damage. Hard drives are particularly prone to this, especially in laptops where they are more prone to physical knocks and excessive heat. Multiple techniques are used when recovering data from physically damaged hardware. Some can be repaired by replacing parts in the drive, but there still may be some logical damage. Special imaging software is used to recover each and every readable bit from the disk surface. One this has been obtained, then the image can be safely inspected for any logical data and mostly allow a lot of the file system to be reconstructed.

– Logical damage, This is where the issue is not with the actual hardware itself and can be caused by corrupt partitions and file systems. Also, overwriting data, lost, deleted and formatted data are common.

Most data loss is not caused by malicious attacks, but by human error. In fact, two thirds of incidents are caused by human error when it comes to data loss.

Data loss can also occur dur to loss of power, natural disasters and equipment malfunction or failure.

Obviously a good backup solution is the best way to avoid any of the above. We can assist with proving a reliable backup solution to significantly reduce the chance of data loss.

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