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Computer Virus Removal Cambridge

Do you find strange messages and windows appearing when you’re browsing the Internet, or find yourself being redirected to unintended websites? If so, then it’s very possible that your computer or laptop has been infected with a computer virus or computer malware.

A computer virus is not only a potential security risk to you, your data and your computer, but can also make your computer or laptop almost impossible to use.

Having anti-virus software with the latest updates is an essential starting point. But even this doesn’t guarantee protection from the many and varied threats that exist on the Internet.
Remove Computer Virus Malware Service

Common Symptoms Of A Virus Or Malware Infection

Slow Performance
Pop-up Adverts
Redirected Websites
Blue Screen Errors
Internet Stops Working

Computer Crashes

Strange Error Messages
Desktop Icons Disappear
Anti-Virus Software Not Functioning

Virus & Malware Removal

We have safely removed many thousands of computer viruses from our customers PCs for more than 20 years. We’ve even removed the more persistent types that stop your computer from booting up properly or cause it to run like treacle!

We achieve this by using both specialist removal tools as well as own own in-house manual removal techniques. We can remove even the most stubborn viruses that may slow down your computer or stop you being able to use the Internet. We will then repair any damage to system files that the virus may have caused, ensuring that everything is running correctly and safely.

Online Safety

Once you have decent anti-virus software, that’s only the beginning. It is important that you do not open any attachments from sources that you’re not expecting. You must also be careful when downloading 3rd party software. Also, keep your Windows system and associated software up-to-date and only download software from trusted sources. No anti-virus system is 100% effective, you still need to be very careful about what you do on the internet, what you open, etc.

Your Data

We’ll ensure that your precious data (documents, pictures, etc) is kept safe at all times during the virus removal process. We always perform a full backup before starting work on your computer.

Cambridge PC Support can assist with protecting your computers and removing any computer viruses or malware that you may have been infected with.

What Is Malware?

Malware, which is short for Malicious Software, is any intrusive software made by cyber criminals to steal your data and also damage or destroy computers. It’s any type of software which is designed to exploit or harm a computer, service or network. Other names for malware are spyware, adware, trojan viruses, viruses, worms and ransomware. Cybercriminals usually use it to extract data that they can use to extract money from victims for financial gain. This data can be financial, health records, or personal emails and password. It can be used to steal credit card data and sometimes even install software to mine bitcoin or other similar cryptocurrencies.

Malware is usually spread via email attachments, malicious adverts or websites, fake software, infected memory sticks, infected software, phishing emails and also text messages.
Remove Laptop Virus Malware Service

What kinds of Malware exist?

Viruses – usually arrives as an attachment in an email

Ransomware- installed on to a victim’s computer, then it encrypts their files and demands an ransom to unencrypt it

Scareware -usually an alarming message that pops up on your computer stating that your computer is infected which then persuades you to buy their fake anti-virus software

Worms – these copy themselves from computer to computer without any user interaction

Spyware – these capture and transmit personal information with your knowledge

Trojans – masquerade as harmless applications, but then steal your data and spy on your activities.

Adware – these push unwanted adverts ion pop-up windows

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