This week I was at a customer’s house in the middle of Cambridge city to set up his new computer and transfer his documents, photos, music, emails, etc.

I originally got the call from this previous customer who required a new computer. So I put together a quote for a decent quality computer and monitor from a local supplier. The computer had both SSD (solid state drive) and traditional spinning platter hard drive. The SSD was specified for the main system drive for speed, as they are many times faster than the traditional hard drives currently available.

Once the machine had arrived, I safely copied the user data across (documents, photos, emails, videos and music), and then set about copying the email client’s (Mozilla Thunderbird) data across, configuring the email accounts and then tested emails both incoming and outgoing. Various software packages were installed: anti-virus, Microsoft Office, accounting software, etc.

Next, the printers were installed and tested for both printing and scanning. Then checked with the customer to make sure that no software was missed.

The result, a much faster computer running Windows 10, and a very happy customer 🙂