You may sometimes ask yourself if you should repair or replace your computer. Firstly, you must think about how your computer has served your in the past. Has it been reliable or not? A computer that has been unreliable may be less worthwhile of an investment. But a computer that has performed well and just become slow over the years would probably be more worthwhile to repair.

How old is your computer? If it’s more than 7 years old then it may not be worth repairing. Or if it’s running the now defunct Windows XP then it would be worth considering a new system. If it’s less than 7 years old then a repair would probably be worth doing. The less it has been used over the years, the more viable it may be for use into the future.

Does the system suit your needs? With a laptop, if it’s too large or the keyboard is too small then an upgrade may be worth considering. Also, with laptops the battery life may be quite short, but a new battery can be purchased for less than £50.

What kind of applications do you use? If you’re looking to upgrade your applications, then you need to ensure that your old system can cope with the extra demands that these may require.

Your computer is a long-term investment and may be one that changes over the years.