By following these guidelines, your laptop or notebook computer will not only last longer, but also work more efficiently

Always place your laptop on a flat, stable surface. Do not place it on top of stacks of paper, desk calendars, upholstery, or anything that is an insulator.

When your using your laptop, do so in a place that has constant air-circulation.

Keep your laptop away from the edges of desks . Be cautious about leaving the laptop unattended where it could easily be knocked onto the floor, sat on, or stepped on.

Don’t drop your laptop. Dropping, jostling, or bumping the laptop will damage the hard drive and risk both physical damage as well as loss of data and an expensive repair bill.

Before moving your computer, be sure to remove any media, turn off attached devices, and disconnect cords and cables.

Always hold the laptop with two hands at the bottom, never by the screen.

Handle any removable drives with care, including CDs, DVDs and flash drives. Insert drives into their slots carefully and at the correct angle. Pushing the wrong drive into a socket, or at an angle, or even upside down, can jam it and damage the laptop.

To keep your screen in good shape, stay away from it – i.e. do NOT poke it with your finger – or even worse, with a pen or pencil. If you want to show something on the screen to someone else, point “from a distance” or use your mouse and cursor to point to the item of interest.

Never twist the screen on its hinges. Your computer display is designed to be opened and used at an angle slightly greater than 90 degrees. Do not open the laptop display beyond the limit of the hinge.

Never close the laptop’s lid with an object left on the keyboard. Don’t slam the lid down.

Keep food and drinks away from your laptop. Do not eat or drink over your laptop.

At least once a week, make it a point to back up your data. If critical data is present, it is a good idea to perform a daily backup. Downloaded software and screensavers often cause conflicts and use valuable memory.

Never leave your laptop in a hot car.